Can i apply for the FSWP?

There are 3 main criteria that you have to meet. If you meet the given criteria, you can apply for this program to move to Canada. These are :

1. Skilled work experience

Under this, various professions are divided into skill types. If you have worked in any of these professions and received a wage or an income for the same then you meet these criteria. 

The three skill types are :skill type 0 or managerial profession.skill type A or professional jobskill type B or technical or trade skills.

The profession you wish to pursue in Canada must match the skill type you have mentioned in the application. 

Under this criterion, your unpaid internships and volunteer work experience will not be considered. 

If you are a student, you can be an eligible candidate as well for this program. But requirements for migrating to Canada for you vary as in that you must have held a job that paid an income or a commission, there must be no gaps in your employment, and you must satisfy the other two criteria as well for moving to Canada. 

2. Language Skills.

To meet these criteria, you must have taken approved tests in either English or French. These tests must indicate that you can read, write, speak, and understand, either French or English. 

You must score a minimum of 7 in all of the four above mentioned areas of the language ( read, write, listen, and speak ) in the Canadian Language Benchmark.

The program dictates that a language test is valid for up to 2 years from the day the test was taken. You must ensure that your score is valid on the day you submit the application for this program. 

3. Education level.

For any international student to meet these criteria of immigrating to Canada, you must have completed a level of education, either school level or have a degree. You must also produce an ECA or Educational Criteria Assessment, that shows that your education level is at par with or equivalent to secondary education or post-secondary education in Canada. 

If you have passed from the education system of Canada, then you must produce proof of the same in the form of a certificate from school for secondary level education or a degree/diploma for post-secondary level education.